Thursday Night Mens

Competition Summary

There is one Division playing under a Home and Away format.
The teams consist of 3 players (Competition starts at 7.00 pm NSW Time or earlier by arrangement)
Each player plays 2 doubles and 1 singles of 6 game sets.
$10 Competition Fees cover Court Hire, Balls, X-Point and Team Nomination.

Gary Boyd
Home: 02 6676 2671
Work: 07 5507 0920
Mobile: 0429 194 189 (Hint: Use smartphone to photograph results sheet and then text to Gary)

2016 Current Competition Summer 2016-2017

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    • Teams

Rusties (TH)

    • – Dylan Bloor, Brad Platt, Matt Haaring, James Gray, Murrey Fisher

Mixtures (TH)

    • – Brett Bentley, Scott Petersen,, Luke Stevenson, Ian Smith, Matt Barnes

Your Fault (TE)

    • – Geoff Dowling, Sudeep Mammen, Dylan Stoddart, Colin Smith, Aiden Bingham, Julian Tydd, Adam Collis

Wankers (TH)

    • – Nick Forde, Darrell Rose, Geoff Spetch, Doug Kercher

Potty Pirates (P)

    • – Trafford McGory, Craig Price, Gary Boyd, Craig Gale, Reg Price

Them (TH)

    • – Hylton Van Wyk, Martin Hickey, Kim Woodhart, Jamie Krause

Intimidators (TE)

    • – Peter Graham, Rob Nienhuis, Wayne Davison, Evan Balk, Mal Tait

Invent Finance (TE)

    – Todd Bolger, Javier Cardona, Fletcher Rainford, Xavier Hawkey, Rob Toynton

Thursday Night Documents

Captains List
Contact Numbers Thurs Men
Div 2 Result Sheet
Result sheet
TNSW Membership Form


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